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Manage Multiple WordPress Logins

 Hey - quick note here. We're partnering with a technology company for whom we'll be distributing a cool, time-saving product: a WordPress multiple site log in piece of software!This software will allow you to log in with ONE log in to MULTIPLE WordPress sites that you manage.Check back soon for updates and information!

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Fancy Text Widget

From Codecanyon - this widget gives: 10 fancy pins, tapes & icons10 beautiful handwriting Google fonts6 fancy background textures – wrinkled paper, sand paper, paper with lines …adjustable corner shadowsworks in any sidebarover 1,000 possible graphical combinationsunlimited background and font colors with color picker Here's the link: Click her...

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A Resource for Code

CodeCanyon has a lot of resources...not too expensive either! For WordPress plugins and such: click here

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Thinking of Adding a Popup?

With options, options, and options: http://www.popupdomination.com/live/ I know that popups can be very annoying, but they can actually work well to help promote whatever you're trying to promote -- and generate leads...This one does it well!

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Sidebar Widget

Want to control what widget you put in a page? With this widget, you can determine which widgets appear in the sidebar area of any page...you can create different sidebars for different pages, determine it based upon category, page placement, etc. Cool, eh? This one helps make your site stand out from the run-of-the-mill blog. Link: http://wordpres...

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Forms for WordPress Plugin

Gravity Forms has a lot of features. You can quickly build and publish your WordPress forms. You can break a long form into multiple pages....complete with a progress bar, you can create order forms...or just about any type of form you need. Here's the link http://www.gravityforms.com/

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Picture Widgets

You can use a plugin or widget to put pictures in certain sections of your blog. I use an image-widget by Shane & Peter, Inc. With this widget, I can put an image in a section of my blog that allows a widget...the top of my site, a sidebar, the bottom... etc. Here's a link to some picture widgets on the WordPress http://wordpress.org/search/ima...

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