What is all this talk about Wheat and Chaff? How does it apply to my business?

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Growth from Healthy Tools - Nutritive Wheat

Pictured above: Wheat - a symbol of nourishing, growth 


Wheat Complete began as Wheat Publishing Group.  We were one of the very first website development and Internet Marketing companies.  We named our company "Wheat" for a few reasons.  One being we wanted to stress the fact that we use GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICES in our Internet Marketing business.

In those early days of website development and Internet Marketing, we saw a lot of "chaff" - bad business practices.  So, we hope that our name will help people pause and consider what equals GOOD INTERNET MARKETING for THEIR COMPANY. And, sorry to say, we still see a lot of "chaff" happening to good people out there! With those thoughts in mind, we set our name with the word "Wheat" to signify our practices of giving your company only the best.


Definition of Chaff: These are the husks that are separated from grain during threshing.  It is cut up for fodder, is worthless matter; refuse. Usually dry, brittle, useless, with no nutritive value. (See photo at bottom of page.)

By "Wheat":  We mean the nutritional portion of the wheat plant that has been separated from the chaff. This portion is packed with nutrients and helps you grow. As an idiom, "separate the wheat from the chaff" means to choose the things or people that are of high quality from a group that includes both high and low quality.


How Does This Apply to Doing Business?

What constitutes chaff when it comes to Internet Marketing?
Here's some chaff:

  • No contract - Nothing in writing
  • Making a down payment of 100% of the fee - no fee schedule
  • Paying a very high fee - paying a very low fee
  • Paying for a service that will not help you
  • Someone telling you that "You'll get rich quickly" by doing what they suggest
  • Social Media will have people flocking to your door
  • "Let me practice on your company website"
  • "I only need a website and they'll flock to my business"
  • We've heard a lot of stories about chaff - perhaps you have your own!

What is "Wheat", when it comes to doing business on the Internet?
What helps you grow and/or are healthy Internet Marketing Practices?

  • Having a written contract with fee schedule
  • Usually a mid-range price
  • Having good research about what will work for your company
  • Personalized, caring service
  • Knowledgeable professional
  • Using standardized, good business practices
  • Helping you market your company in additional ways on the Internet
  • Listening to YOU
  • What do you consider "Wheat" for your Internet Marketing business needs?

Pictured Below: The Chaff that is separated from Wheat. 

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