Business First Hosting is a division of Wheat Complete, LLC, an Oklahoma based technology and Internet Marketing company.

We at Wheat have been providing businesses and nonprofits with powerful, reliable, responsive hosting for over 20 years. And, we are good at it.

We know our clients and their needs. We stay ahead of the trends to learn what our clients will need in the future. This gives our client a competitive edge. We are here to keep our client's website up, loading quickly into the browser, and provide them with robust, excellent email services.

Hosting is not just a sideline to us: it is a MAIN focus - a MAIN emphasis.

Why do we host our client's sites?

If we host them, we KNOW they'll be up 99.99% of the time. We KNOW what other websites are on our hosting server. We KNOW how to keep the site secure and updated. Our work doesn't stop once the website is built. Our job is to continually monitor the site for security and protection.

For companies and nonprofits that need to know their website and email will be up: we like to say, "We are business grade."

For more information about our business-grade hosting, check out our full Business First Hosting website.

Feel free to contact us - real people! Real answers!

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